Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a another day in Paradise...................

The thunderstorms have passed; no tornados hit us; and it's just another day in Paradise. Bunny and Dvus enjoying some Fall sunshine!

The problem with women today.............

Written by my friend Mike; Amen Mike!

Would you like to know what the problem is with the 21st century woman? All you need to do is look at the 21st century man. We as men have created 90% of the issues that we have with women and how they act. Women are born with attributes like being loving,caring,compassionate, and comforting just to name a few.What we as men have done with all the games we have played throughout the years is cause them to build these walls of mistrust around their hearts. I know most men will never admit this but we have taken the great ways of a woman for granted for years and it needs to stop now. Let me give you an example of the 21st century relationship, when men get involved we try to be everything a woman wants right up until we get content that we have her. In the beginning we will come in and go to her with a hug and a kiss, most of the time saying something like "I missed you today or Baby you mean the world to me”. now lets jump forward about 3 months, we come in and go to the couch and sit our asses down and say something like "is supper done yet”. Think about it guys, when you want to say that she is the one that has changed maybe you should ask yourself how much you have changed. For a woman little things that we do are more of an example to her of our true feelings about her.
When you’re asking yourself why she has lost her sex drive because things were really hot and heavy at first, maybe it's because you've stopped making love to her. Let me guess, most of you guys aren't real sure what I’m talking about since you think making love is a "physical" thing right! I would like to inform you that you "make love" to a woman form the time you wake up until you close your eyes to go to sleep. You do it by all the little things to make her happy just like you did in the begining.Don't think that doing these things and showing her how you really feel makes you any less of a man. A real man knows what is important and when you get that part figured out you won't be asking what the hell happened to your relationship.
I would like to end this with the only true advice I know to give. If you think back to the beginning of time when God created Adam it didn't take him very long to realize that we weren't going to last very long by ourselves, so then God GAVE us Eve. If somebody gives you something it is considered a gift right. So all I know to say is "TREAT HER LIKE A GIFT FROM GOD CAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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