Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of an Era

While I haven't been a fan of Michael Jackson for some time now, I did enjoy him when he was little. I think I even had an album or two of the Jackson 5. Some of his songs in the 80's were OK, but he just got a little to freaky for me.
I'm sure that there are millions of people out there that will miss him terribly. Especially his three children, who I pray will be able to be spared from the media and keep some normalcy in their lives. RIP Michael Jackson..........

Another celebrity that we lost this month was Farrah. Now I did love her. And it has pained me to see her struggle with this horrible cancer the last few years. I always hoped that by some miracle she would find a way to beat it, but in the end it took her life. I pray that her son Redmond finds his way in life and I pray for comfort for Ryan O'Neal

RIP Farrah

New in the neighborhood

We arent' sure just how he got here, but he has been a visitor on our street for about a week now. It's an good thing that he is fairly friendly. He even stopped grazing (sort of ) to pose for a few pics for me!

We think that he may have escaped from one of our neighbors down the street, but you'd think that after a week they would be looking for him ??

He has been a great source of entertainment, Danielle has his routine down. It seems he frequents different farms at different times of the day. Too funny !!!

Glam Day

So, Danielle and I deceided that we were in desperate need of a Glam Day !! So we drove out to our favorite stylist and got the works. We just love Carolyn. She does awesome work at affordable prices.

Turn around is fair play so I let Danielle snap one of me as well :)

And at last......

My July Forecast

An exciting astrological month begins with zany Uranus turning retrograde on July 1. When eccentric, independent Uranus turns retrograde, it's best to expect the unexpected. This planet symbolizes the need for change, and emphasizes the importance of flexibility in every aspect of your life.

On July 3, Mercury enters Cancer. For best results, put your logical mind in hibernation for now and speak from your heart. When Venus enters relationship-oriented Gemini on July 5, your desire for new experiences is strong. If you are single, this is a great transit for meeting a new love. In a relationship? Spice up you love life by doing something totally different from your ordinary routine.

A dramatic full Moon lunar eclipse occurs on July 7 and it's time to refocus your attention on your career and worldly concerns. Optimistic Jupiter and spiritual Neptune come together in a conjunction on July 10, and your idealism may open up brand new worlds. Then active Mars enters verbal Gemini on July 11, and everybody will be selling their ideas, projects and plans.

You will be assessing your most important relationships when Venus squares serious Saturn on July 21. And you feel extra protective of loved ones with the solar eclipse in emotional Cancer occurring the same day. The Sun enters limelight-loving Leo on July 22, and boldness replaces sensitivity. By July 26 when Venus trines Jupiter, you'll be more than ready to go out and play! As the month comes to an end, pay attention to your dreams and let them guide you as Mercury opposes the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on July 30 and 31. Your imagination is in full bloom! Love planet Venus enters homebody Cancer on the 31st, encouraging you to hang out at home and give your mind a rest.

Wow! A dramatic full moon lunar eclipse on my Birthday !!!! What a great gift! I LOVE full moon nights!


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