Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rules for Teens

Subject: Teenage Rules > > > > > Subject: Teenage Rules > > > Teenage Rules > > Raising teenagers is a challenge, so my hubby and I came up > with the following rules to help the kids understand what > was expected of them during their pre-adult status. > > Rules of This Household > > 1. If you are not here for dinner, too bad. This is not a > fast-food place where the cook is on duty at all times. The > cook works full time and does not need a second job. > > 2. If you make a mess, clean it up. The dishwasher is open > 24 hours a day to service you as are the vacuum, broom, and > sponge. Please help them to help you by using them. If you > need assistance, ask the cook -- she will be happy to give > you training on any of the equipment. > > 3. The taxi service for this household is not on call 24 > hours. You must make reservations at least 12 hours in > advance. You have two good legs, skateboards, and bikes; several good horses > most are somewhat operational; Use them. By the way, skateboards are to be used on > the outside of this house and are never to be used in the > living room just because the landing is softer when you > fall. > > 4. We are not a bank and you have no collateral to offer us. > Face it: We own everything you have and I have receipts to > prove it, so don't ask us for loans. Get jobs! We have them. > Try it and you might like it (not so much the work as the > money). > > 5. Curfew is negotiable, but try not to be late too often > because it could go either way. > > 6. Tell us where you are going. GOOD GRIEF! I am way older > than you, and I still tell my mother where I am going when I > am at her house. Leave us a note or try to form words > describing where you are going while we are in the room with > you. Honestly, we don't bite unless provoked. > > 7. You know how to use a phone. Some of you even have cell > phones. We like to hear your voice if you are going to be > late. You can use a phone to find out what's for dinner, to > let us know you made it to wherever all right, or just to > let us hear your beautiful voice. > > 8. No food in your room, the living room, the bathroom, or > anywhere in the house other than the kitchen or dining area > EVER! How many times do I have to say this? > > 9. You do not contribute financially in any way, shape, or > form to this household, so try to pull your weight in other > ways: Clean something, put something away, surprise us by > doing it before we ask. Otherwise, you may find yourself > financially supporting yourself on the OUTSIDE of this > house.

F-stops, Apperture, ISO....Oh My !!!!!

Love/Hate affair with Manuel Mode on the new Cannon
Well, just in case I didn't have enough hobbies and because I always have so much extra time on my hands (right)... I have decided that I'm finally going to try to master the manual art of photography. We bought our fancy SLR and lens over a year ago, and I had yet to try anything outside of fully automatic. I always look at other blogs and some of their pictures are just so much better....so frustrating!! Well, the difference is auto versus manual so I've discovered. Well, I thought it would be no problem to tackle that learning curve. Um, news flash to me. I have bought a few books on exposure and learning apperture/ ISO/ F-stops/ etc..... and finally learning that all those fun numbers on my camera do actually have a purpose. Well, it's beyond confusing! I need major tutorials...I'll be adding some that I took of Layla playing outside soon. There still atrocious but at least they're somewhat in focus (you have no idea what a feat that is).


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