Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And then threre were 7............

So, last week on my day off this is what Lola (our pitt/lab mix) was doing.

Lola was nearing the end of her pregnancy (though up until a couple weeks ago I kept trying to convince Dan that she was "not" pregnant) and we were both content just chillin' on the sofa. Monday night Lola was sleeping with me (as she has become accustomed to since Dan is in Houston during the week) except that Monday night not to much sleeping took place for either one of us. Lola kept tossing and turning, getting op and turning around, inching as close to my face as possibe, all the while panting and whimpering. So I was pretty sure we were getting close to having puppies. I put Lola in the crate as I left at 5:00 a.m. for work and left a note for Danielle to pay close attention to Lola thoughout the day. This is what I found when I got home.....

Actually, these were taken a few hours after I got home because when I walked through the door Lola was still having the pups. There were two nursing and one pushed to the side that unfortunatly didn't make it. My first reaction was "GREAT" it's a small litter. That was until the next sack came out with two puppies, followed by another and then another. Quite honestly I had lost track of how many she had, Danielle and Kara had arrived some time during the last few births and we all stood around coaxing, come on girl that was gonna help, I think it helped us though. My amature photography skills really show up here, as I failed to run and get the camera and shoot as she was giving birth....!!!!
Now I took about 88 pictures and it's really hard for me to pick just a few, but I'm gonna give it a shot;

Danielle and Kara stayed up most of the night on puppy patrol. I found Danielle in the bathroom at about 2:30 am washing her face and brushing her teeth....the water running had woke me up and I was wondering why someone was taking a shower at 2 am???? Danielle informed me that she and Kara had been taking care of the pups and making sure that Lola took care of herself, which included fork feeding her some Pedigree canned food while she nursed the pups.
Everyone survived the night none the worse for wear, though slightly sleep deprived! I patted Lola on the head as I headed out for work this morning and told her she was a good mama (though I was a bit concerned about her because she wasn't looking to perky and was panting quite a bit)...I down the AC and made a mental note to call Danielle later to make sure all was well. This is what greeted me this afternoon....

Like I said it's reall hard to pick just a here are a few more...

And one of the "Puppy Patrol" crew....I'll add the rest of the crew eyes are going buggy sorting through photos !!!!

Day 4.........after a midnight run to WallyWorld last night for pet replacement milk and eye droppers (we were afraid Lola didn't have enough milk for all the babies) the pups are all doing well. We tried bottle feeding some of the replacement milk, but didn't do so the end we decieded that Lola had plenty of milk.

And I call this one "mama told me there'd be days like this;
and "Big Yawn"
and yes we have eyeballs....finally!!!!
And just TOO cute..........

one more...........

Updated puppy pics 8/11/2009


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