Monday, January 26, 2009

You might be a photographer when (Jeff Foxworthy type one liners)

you show your friend how to use their own camera and then end up taking all their pictures for them
You are in Yosemite and your wife is telling you how beautiful it is and all you can think of is the lights too flat and there is no contrast.
You might be a photographer when you walk around with your left eye closed composing photo shots in your head.when your walking along the beach at sunset with the woman you love and think . . . . . . . . . f8 at 1/200th
For Christmas your kids gets bright clothes and your wife gets a jacket thats 18% gray.
In the RAW has a totally different meaning that most others.
You might be a photographer if you bookmark this thread and put a shortcut on your desktop.
While shopping with the wife, you checked out the local Mall's photographer stand, not because you're interesting in having the pics taken, but want to know where he got all the props.
..If there is a tornado warning and you head outside to see if you will be lucky enough to get a really cool picture instead of going to the basement
When your non-photographer friends show you pictures of their kids, the kid is the last thing you see. Instead you're mind is on the following:* They should have cleared all that clutter in the background.* Don't shoot down at children!* Rule of thirds would have helped this picture.
And Finally...
You ask a friend to join you for some bird shooting.He brings his shotgun, you bring a telephoto.


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