Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bath Time

I came home from work on Saturday to find that Danielle and Kara had deceided to give the puppies a bath..........ADORABLE!!! And smelling much better! Two or three have potential homes....Yea!!!

Meanwhile back at the Ranch

As luck would have it, what should have been two very enjoyable days off just didn't' turn out that way. Yesterday, my daughter took one very accident prone Thoroughbred to the vet to see what the reason was for the lameness he had going on in his foot. I get a call about an hour after they left telling me that they would have to go back at 4 to consult with another vet at the clinic, because apparently my horse had no pulse in his leg. Not knowing a whole lot about the equine anatomy, I could only guess that no pulse is a "bad thing" right? Apparently not, no pulse or faint pulse means that there is no injury or inflammation in the area, which is a good thing, except that we still are unable to deuterium the cause of the lameness. After several lameness exams, a few nerve blocks and two ultra sounds, we are instructed to rest the horse for the rest of the week, soak his foot twice a day in Epsom salt and apply a mixture of iodine and framalgahide(incorrect spelling...but not sure how to spell it) to kill any white line disease he may have going on. The ulta sound was done to determine if he had any damage to his suspensorary ligaments, which he didn't. After all was said and done this will probably cost me about $500 dollars and we still are not sure what is wrong, except that he probably needs his shoe put back on and he will be just fine.....just a thought!!! Meanwhile between vet visits we drove about an hour away to pick up a horse that belongs to one of my daughters Friends. The girl would like her horse pattenerd on barrels and wants my daughter to work with him. On the way home I find out that this horse is a stallion, but not to worry because he has never bred a mare and doesn't "know" he is a stallion; Hmmmmmmmmmmm ??? Okay, well this horse that doesn't know he is a stallion proceeds to jump our back fence in an attempt to get to our neighbors mares; and in the process cuts himself up pretty bad. I'm pretty sure he needs a vet to sew him up in a few places, but my daughter assures me that he will be "fine" So now we need to make a phone call and let these folks who own the horse know what has happened....FUN !!! Needless to say he is making the hour trek back home tonight! Have I mentioned lately that I really HATE horses!!!!


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