Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dan's New Diggs

Last Friday after work Danielle and Kara picked me up from Tom Thumb and we headed down south for some fun in the sun! Mainly wanting to see Dan's new Diggs. But if course I wanted to do some sight seeing as well. Everyone in the Deli thought it was a bit curious when I told them I was headed to Houston to see where my husband lives!! LOL

The inside of the trailer cleaned up fairly nice and the AC works GREAT! Thank God!

The 1st stop we made was Dan's new office/cubicle on the 13th floor of the Metro building. For the next 6-10 years Dan will be working with the Houston Metro Rail expanding the lines. That is unless something comes available back here in the DFW area (GOD I HOPE SO !!!)

The view from the 13th floor (Dan's comments while we were looking out were "Never in a million years would I have thought I would become some yuppy city boy"

The next stop was the Kemah Boardwalk. This was by far my favorite!

After a trip through the sauna...oh I mean Boardwalk; we deceided to hang out at the Cadillac Bar and get some fresh seafood and cool beverages! It was fun watching the fishing boats go by, the scene could have been right out of Forrest Gump! Unfortunatly I did not get any good shots of the fishing boats, but just picture Forrest on board his waving to Captian Dan. I did however get a few shots of the Kemah Party Boat...and if I make it back there I WILL be on board.

The girls got a couple souveniers on the Boardwalk (Somehow they didn't get printed on the disc, so I'll have to insert these until I can upload theirs)

On the way out Dan spotted this old Salt Grass truck, so I made him pose for a few shots;

Then it was on to Galvesten; which was so ugly that I didn't even get out of the truck with my camera to take any shots. The ocean was like a rolling mud pit. And the beaches left much to be desired. The town of Galvesten did have some very cool old buildings and churches that I would have like to photograph; but we were on a mission to find some swimable water!

Luckily on our last day there we found Lake Conroe.

We had a good time there, but with a 5 hour drive ahead of us we didn't get to stay to long. Here's a few pics I managed to get;

Then after a teary good-bye (on my part anyway) it was time to head North and drive home.

A few more pics............


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