Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rural Texas

We stumbled across this very cool barn and windmill traveling the backroads in Krum, Texas. I haven't edited the picture with PS yet, but would like to lighten the shadows to bring out the John Deer tractor parked in the front. Love the Phillips 66 painted on the backside of the barn. Danielle was driving "Larry" and was just sure we were going to be shot for trespassing on these peoples property, but I had a plan! If an outraged farmer came out with his sawed off shotgun, I would politely explain that I was a photography student and our homework for the week was to photograph old barns. I would explain that his barn was "by far" the most interesting barn I had come across and that with his permission to use the photo I would be sure to get an A on my assignment! If that didn't work, we would turn on "Crazy Larry" and drive like Hell!! Luckily, nobody was home!


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