Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swine Flu Epidemic/post borrowed from Lolly :)

This whole swine flu thing is absolutely CRAZY. People are freaking out and I'm not sure why. From what I understand, if you get the flu, you have normal flu symptoms, hopefully get to take Tamiflu, and recover after a week. No one wants to be sick, but I don't think it is any deadlier than the chicken pox, and it definitely has not killed as many people and the plain old broken down flu.

I don't know how many people live in texas, my guess is 100's of 1000's. 17 people have been confirmed with the swine flu. I'm sorry for a family that has suffered a loss, but just because you get the swine flu doesn't mean you are going to die, or even get close.

Statistics I read said that so far this year, 19,000 people have died from the regular flu. We don't really freak out about that.

School districts have closed down for days. I hurt for those parents. In most cases, the parents have to work and if they don't work, they don't get paid. The officials have asked day cares to close and families not to go out in public. That is not going to happen, and if it does, the businesses will suffer as well as the parents.

In the economic times that we have right now, Economic Crisis + Swine Flu Freak Out = Total Disaster.


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