Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of an Era

While I haven't been a fan of Michael Jackson for some time now, I did enjoy him when he was little. I think I even had an album or two of the Jackson 5. Some of his songs in the 80's were OK, but he just got a little to freaky for me.
I'm sure that there are millions of people out there that will miss him terribly. Especially his three children, who I pray will be able to be spared from the media and keep some normalcy in their lives. RIP Michael Jackson..........

Another celebrity that we lost this month was Farrah. Now I did love her. And it has pained me to see her struggle with this horrible cancer the last few years. I always hoped that by some miracle she would find a way to beat it, but in the end it took her life. I pray that her son Redmond finds his way in life and I pray for comfort for Ryan O'Neal

RIP Farrah

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