Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Danielle's new ride....

It's been my running around town car for over a year now and I just love it! But since Daneille will be 16 in June and will have a licence to drive (we hope) I will have to hand my beloved Lumina over to her :( We will however have to get new lenses for the headlights as she has already been pulled over once for not having her lights on at night! The lights are so dim that in a brightly lit shopping center at night it is hard to tell if they are on or not.(Which is where she was spotted driving without headlights) We found that driving with the brights on doesn't even get us flashed by other drivers. So this will be first on the TLC list for the Lumina.

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Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Can it be that Danielle is really going to be 16?! No way! Time flies WAY too quickly! Email me with her birthday so I can send a card! As for the Lumina being passed down, does this mean you'll get a NEW car?! :)


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